Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lip Colours: Review & Swatches

I love a good bright lipstick. Perhaps more than any other makeup item. I especially love a well-priced one! I've long been a fan of the Sportsgirl Pout About It range, especially the matte formulation.

Today I have for you my thoughts on the lippies I own from the range.

I currently have four Pout About It lipsticks in my collection, though I definitely have my eye on a few more shades!

I have the shades Sweet Valentine, Berrylicious, Fruit Tingle and Spring Fling. Sweet Valentine is the only shade that does not have a matte finish and I'm not sure if it's available anymore. I could not see it on the Sportsgirl website so it may have been discontinued?

Sweet Valentine* is a gorgeous hot pink shade that is very creamy and has a slight gloss finish to it. It applies well and has decent lasting power.

Berrylicious is my favourite out of these four shades. It is a gorgeous purple berry shade that looks amazing on! I think my friend Ange from Beauty Blogged would love it. She actually just posted about her favourite purple lipsticks and funnily enough I had already thought to link to her before I saw this post

Fruit Tingle is my other favourite. It's a divine coral shade that I think works really well against my fair skin and hair. This shade lasts really well on me and I only need a slight touch up after eating. It does have a tendency to highlight dry lips so make sure you have prepped sufficiently with either a lip scrub or light layer of balm.

Spring Fling is the hardest out of the four to look nice on the lips. Because it is such a pale pastel, it instantly highlights any rough patches on the lips and sinks in to the fine lines. If you can get your pout in tip top condition before applying this, it's a lovely colour, but I'm not sure how it would look on different skin tones. I find on my super pale tone it is quite nice, but it could look deathly on others!

Sweet Valentine, Berrylicious, Fruit Tingle, Spring Fling.

Sweet Valentine, Berrylicious, Fruit Tingle, Spring Fling.

You'll have to ignore the glossy effect the flash from the camera has given to the three matte shades. They do have a slight gloss upon application but they then dry completely matte. I do however find the formula is much more creamy than say a MAC or Illamasqua matte lipstick.

I love that these lipsticks (and as far as I know all Sportsgirl beauty products) are not tested on animals. While this isn't important to everyone, I think it's great that an Australian brand is producing great quality, well priced lipsticks that rival the quality of big brand counterparts without the need for testing on helpless animals. 

If I haven't yet convinced you to go check out these lip colours, then the price surely will. These lipsticks retail for a measly $9.95, which for the quality, I think is fantastic!

You can purchase Sportsgirl beauty products in stores or online.

Have you tried any products from the Sportsgirl Beauty range? I'd love your recommendations.

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*This product was provided for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own!


  1. I always love having a look at their lipsticks when I'm around their store, they have some really gorgeous shades! I've never really gotten around to picking one up, though I might soon! I always end up buying a couple of their nail polishes haha...

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I think I need Sweet Valentine in my life...

  3. Spring Fling is gorgeous! I haven't tried any of the Sportsgirl beauty products... yet. I love the swatches though x


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