Monday, July 21, 2014

Manicure Monday: Black Leather & Sparkles

I've been a bad beauty blogger. I'm so sorry I missed my Manicure Monday series for the last two weeks! I've been so busy I have not even had time to paint one nail let alone all of them. Fear not, I am back today with a bit of an experimental manicure.

Having always been a strict glossy finish nail polish wearer my whole life, I never thought I would succumb to the matte nail look. But alas, I've been inspired by a fellow beauty blogger to dip into the matte black nail trend.

Michelle from Beauty, Life, Michelle recently posted a mani on her Instagram where she painted her nails with a combination of a black glitter and matte top coat over a black polish. I loved the contrasting textures and finishes and realised I may have been missing out on all the leather-look fun matte top coats were offering.

One of my girlfriends, Lauren, also recently sent me a photo of her matte black mani and it looked amazing. I decided then and there I would need to try this look for myself.

I ended up using four different products to achieve this look. I had a look through my extensive (ridiculous) polish collection to find an opaque black polish and I found it in Maybelline's Onyx Rush* from their Color Show Nail Lacquer range. I only needed two thin coats of this polish to get the rich, opaque black I needed for this look. It applied really nicely and fairly evenly as well. RRP: $5.95

To achieve the matte finish I was after, I used OPI's Matte Top Coat*. It applies just like any other top coat but dries to a completely matte, leather look finish. It was exactly what I needed to achieve what I had in my mind. I've actually got a few more ideas for manicures that this might come in handy for so stay tuned! RRP $19.95

L-R: Maybelline Onyx Rush, OPI Matte Top Coat, L'Oreal Black Diamond, Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. 

I decided I definitely wanted an element of sparkle in this manicure so I used a polish I picked up earlier in the week from L'Oreal. It is the shade Black Diamond from their Color Riche line. I actually got this as a free gift with the purchase of a Color Riche lip colour at Priceline. I believe this promotion is running for another week or two. This is an absolutely gorgeous glitter that I believe you would be able to get opaque in two or three coats. I only needed one coat over the top of Onyx Rush to achieve the above look. RRP $6.95

To make the contrast between the matte and glitter nails I opted for a super shiny top coat over Black Diamond. I was recently sent the Mega Shine Top Coat* from Sally Hansen so I was interested in seeing how quickly it dried compared to my beloved Sally Hansen Insta Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. I have to say, I'm impressed. The formula is very thin, so easy to apply and get that super glossy finish. I found it dried really fast. I will definitely be reaching for this again! RRP $14.45 (Currently half price at Priceline!)

So what do think about matte top coats? Would you incorporate the matte look into your manicure? 

Items marked with an * were provided for editorial consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love how much the matte black pops against the glitter - very edgy!


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