Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have you bought your mother a gift for Mother’s Day yet? Well, it’s coming up so quickly and if it weren’t for all the ads on television and features in magazines, I probably would have completely forgotten about it! I know, this makes me a terrible daughter, but my brain has been completely inundated with all things fashion week. I also started a new job last week, so I’m crazy busy at the moment.

I’ve mentioned before how much I personally love receiving magazine subscriptions as gifts, but I don’t think my mother or grandma would be interested in reading Cosmo or any of the celebrity weeklies. I do know my grandma always buys Woman’s Day Magazine, so perhaps that will make a good gift for her. I know she would enjoy receiving in the mail every week.

I need to think quickly and get my shopping done ASAP. I cannot bear the thought of facing the crowds at the shops the day before Mother’s Day, so online shopping it will be!

For my mother, I would normally get her a massage voucher or flowers and chocolates, which she loves, but I’d like to give her something different for a change. It might be nice to get her a gift that keeps on giving every month like a magazine subscription. There are so many magazines in Australia to choose from, so I’m not sure what I would get, perhaps a cooking magazine. She loves trying out new recipes, especially vegetarian ones for me, as I’m quite picky with my meals! She also enjoys reading lifestyle magazines so I could get her a subscription to one of those types of magazines.

Have you done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? What have you bought in previous years? Any ideas?

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